Acupuncture For pets


Dr. Ingrid Borkoski

I am a graduate of the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. I have 20 years in the veterinary profession with a special interest in acupuncture and VSMT/Chiropractic care.

I completed the equine acupuncture course in 2002 at the Chi Institute in Florida and VSMT/Chiropractic certification at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Milwaukee, WI. I am also a Fellow of the College of Animal Chiropractors.

Acupuncture can be defined as the insertion of thin sterile needles thru the skin into specific points on an animals’ body. Stimulation of these specific points results in an increase in blood circulation, stimulation of nerve activity and the release of various chemicals. These chemical mediators can lessen the perception of pain, boost the immune system and influence organ function. Acupuncture is effective for a variety of issues including musculo-skeletal, GI and neurologic problems as well as being a safe way to stimulate appetite, alleviate pain and decrease inflammation.

Spinal Manipulation and Chiropractic Care

Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy(VSMT) or animal chiropractic addresses the biomechanics of the musculo-skeletal system in conjunction with the body’s functional nervous system. Abnormal skeletal alignment and/or movement, due to injury, repetitive motion and stressors can lead to pain, weakness and reduced function. VSMT focuses on the restoration of normal joint mechanics to reduce pain, promote maximum mobility, increase agility, improve overall health and reach peak performance.

Veterinary Acupuncture in Oak Grove, Minnesota

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